Pure Wool Mongrel Socks - Extra Large

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Extra Large - Men's size 9.5 - 12 (we find they are quite generous in the sizing, so if you're unsure it's better to go down a size) 


These fabulously thick, snuggly socks are made from 100% Tasmanian grown Merino (certified non-mulesed wool). As they are boutique-made in small batches, the colours vary slightly between lots. 

"Made on antique sock machines in service since 1928, still going strong. Your feet won’t get too hot or too cold no matter what the day brings. Actually you probably won’t think of your feet at all. You can wear these pure wool socks for days (if you need to) and still be polite to the nose, more importantly to other peoples noses - less washing has got to be environmentally good!

Made with sustainable and renewal materials. The health benefits of the loose top can not be understated, even if tight socks don’t annoy you yet, every time you wear them they are undermining your legs vascular health.

Will our pure wool Mongrel Socks live forever? Nuh, nope, no way. Nothing surer is that they will wear out but are darnable, we know that's disappointing, but it's true. We leave out the often nasty petro-chemical synthetics commonly used to enhance sock wear time, because of this they won't last forever and nor will they ever be found fouling up our natural environment for a millennia."


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