All about Purl

Purl is a 1974 Franklin Viscount caravan that has been lovingly restored by Jasmin (with lots of help from friends). She's had quite a transformation! 

                             Before...                                                            After!

With so many of our local yarn shops having gone out of business in recent years, it's become difficult for customers to shop for good quality yarn that they can look at and touch in person. Being able to talk with a knowledgeable shop person can make a big difference to the success and enjoyment of your project too. Purl and Friends was born from the desire to fill this gap.  

Purl and Friends' vision is to bring the loveliest yarns to wherever the knitters are.

Visiting markets, meetups and other events, we are like an ice-cream truck for crafters.

Check our Facebook page for

details of where Purl will be popping up next.

If you would like Purl and Friends to visit your next event, please send us a message!