Eco Stitch Linen Undyed - 30g

  • $9.00

Mini skeins - 30 grams 

Perfect for making spa cloths, scrubbies, dish cloths and face washers. One ball is enough to make two face washers. 100% linen yarn, 4-ply - sport weight. Undyed and unbleached. Linen yarn in its natural silver/beige colour. 

Nm 9.6/4

2.5-4mm needles (US 2-6)

Gauge: 22-28 stitches to 10cm (6-7 stitches to 1 inch)


How to wash your finished objects made out of linen.

Our yarn is washed twice during the dyeing process. It is washed once before dyeing and after dyeing it undergoes several rinses and a hot wash using an eco-friendly, plant-based laundry detergent, with the aim of removing left-over dye from the fibre.
We do not recommend that you try to wash the skeins before working with them. You will probably end up with tangled yarn.
When you come to washing your finished garment/object, we recommend that you first wash separately by hand. There is a possibility that excess dye may still leech from the yarn for the first couple of washes, so you wouldn't want to be washing it with your whites...!
For subsequent washes, our 100% linen can be machine-washed using a non-bleach mild soap. Try to keep the spin speed no more than 1000 rpm. For best results, you can even dry the finished garment in the dryer for 15 minutes before lying flat to finish drying. With wearing your garment will become very soft with a beautiful lustrous silky effect. It can also be steam-ironed, which will help to soften it and enhance its natural sheen.

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