Pure Wool Mongrel Socks - Kid size

  • $25.00

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Fit approx 2 - 4 years

These gorgeous socks are perfect for keeping your little ones warm. With their long length, our children's size Tasmanian Merino socks will be a family favourite, like Nanna used to knit.

Made on antique sock machines in service since 1928, still going strong. Your kiddies feet won’t get too hot or too cold no matter what. Actually they probably won’t think of their feet at all. These babies can be worn for days (if need be) and still be polite to the nose - less washing has got to be good!

The health benefits our non-restrictive sock tops can not be overstated for the young or old, but for kids tight socks can drive them crazy and undermine their legs' vascular health.

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